CD Review: Erica Campbell “Help”

After months of eager expectation, the wait is over for Erica Campbell fans, and for those who love the joyful sounds of good Gospel music. Erica has released her debut solo album, HELP. The project is genius and reflects every imaginable real life issue. Erica lays all her emotions bare on what she calls this, “True labor of love.”

HELP is a passionate cry for God’s intervention. It is also a parallel to Erica’s journey that she hopes listeners will use as a guide for their own.

The message behind the album is a simple message to understand. “Help”! Life is about moving forward. It is about looking to God for guidance in everyday life. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity. The 13-track album is 51 minutes of pure musical enjoyment.

Erica wrote and co-wrote 90% of the album and it is truly a piece of who Erica is musically, creatively and spiritually.

The very first song, “The Question” will cause your emotions to spill over into pure worship. Erica poses a thought-provoking question, which asks, “Who killed Jesus?” The response that the background vocals deliver in a soft… angelic way, answers “Nobody. He laid it all down.” The focus here is on Jesus’ loving sacrifice for the sins of humankind. With no hidden agenda whatsoever, the song sets the tone for the rest of the album and makes it clear that Erica means serious business…and is intentional about using her God-given gift to bring encouragement for those dealing with real life’s issues.

The optimistic, yet cheerful song, “You Are” boldly proclaims, “God… You’re so good.” It will make you move – more than a little. Perfectly blended with Erica’s incredibly strong vocals and her husband/producer Warryn’s signature smash tracks, this song is a winner… and is one of the strongest tracks on the album.

“A Little More Jesus” takes us back to Gospel’s roots. It’s a brilliant feel good call & response song about relationship, where Erica digs deep and shows us how versatile she is musically, infusing jazz, soul, gospel, blues and even some country elements.

The album’s title track and current single “Help” is a rousing anthem, which asks for godly intercession. Erica fearlessly delivers on this tune. She also shows courage as she gives the world a peek into her vocal diversity with a mixed style of soulful rap and Gospel-Blues fused together in a message that is straightforward and to the point – “I need your help.”

The emotion is raw and genuine on this album. The listener can hear and feel the sincerity in this song. Erica wanted to give her audience variety. And, that’s exactly what she does with songs like, “Changes,” “More Than A Lover,” the feel good “Looking Like,” “All I Need Is You” and “Nobody Else.”

Other highlights of the album are “I’m A Fan” – a sweeping ballad that offers admiration for the wonderful works of all God’s creations – written by husband and wife writing duo Gerald and Tammi Haddon.

The poignant song, “Eddie” is a story-telling ode to Erica’s beloved father who passed away in 2013. “

Erica has been on the Gospel music scene since 2000, as part of the award-winning sister duo Mary Mary…with her sister Tina. Together, the two have had an incredible career ever since. For many Mary Mary fans, though, Erica’s decision to pursue a solo career path was unexpected. Nevertheless, Erica is on a personal quest, and her goal is to continue the tradition of making music that’s beautiful… just as she always has. To Erica, singing and ministry is serious business, and she is able to hold her own, whether with Mary Mary, or only as Erica Campbell