BET Rap It Up Star-T’Juan Addresses Jordan Davis case with video “Gun Charge”

“Before you pull it out, [you] better think hard, trade your whole life in for a gun charge…” Those are the hard-hitting lyrics from the song, “Gun Charge”, written by No Compromise music artist and Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) Rap It Up star, T’Juan.

T’Juan’s bold stance and lyrics stem from his personal experience with gun violence and sincere concern for a much needed change in our communities and world.

In an attempt to enlighten the world of the consequences of gun violence, T’Juan shared his heart with the media on this issue, “When gun violence occurs, the families of both the shooter and the person shot suffer from the act.”

T’Juan makes it clear that he is not against guns, but he is against the misuse of guns. T’Juan learned early that a firearm in the wrong hands can be disastrous. He has experienced being a victim on both sides of the coin.

A native of Jacksonville, FL, T’Juan has experienced both because one of his brothers was shot multiple times and another brother was charged with murder. T’Juan also stated, “Experiencing the emotions of not knowing whether my brother would live or die and experiencing the agony of the criminal justice system as I supported my other brother are two heart wrenching events I never want to experience again.”

Just by hearing the lyrics to “Gun Charge”, it is evident that T’Juan’s passion goes beyond his own personal incidents, but also helping to make a difference in Jacksonville on the streets where he was raised.

Check out T’Juan-Gun Charge Lyric Video here: Gun Charge Video

As a community activist, T’Juan was recently compelled to share “Gun Charge” during the rally for Jordan Davis, a 17 year old of Jacksonville who was tragically killed due to gun violence outside a gas station for playing his music too loud.  T’Juan shared the song in hopes of encouraging the family and community.

The Jordan Davis case has pushed T’Juan further with the mission to send home the message of education, before death or incarceration. He states, “People, both young and old, have got to ‘think about it’ before they pull out that pistol.” The aim is to get people to think about what that action and not thinking about it will cost you: a high school graduation, football games or scholarship, the prom, or even seeing your daughter get married.”

T’Juan would love for supporters to share the “Gun Charge” video within their community and beyond.

Look out for T’Juan’s upcoming project Better Man-June2014 on No Compromise Records.

Don’t be mistaken, T’juan is the anointed voice behind Billboard’s Top 30 Radio hit single entitled “MADE”. However, he states that he has been blessed by God to share his several talents, in and out of season and he would remain to be obedient to the calling placed on his life.

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