Avid Pro Tools 11

The most powerful digital audio workstation just got more powerful. With an all-new, ultra-efficient audio engine, 64-bit performance, and groundbreaking capabilities, the new Pro Tools 11 enables you to take on the most complex and demanding music and audio post productions with ease, so you can focus on sounding your best. Music Production Blogger, Bobby Owsinski gives us a breakdown of some of the features that studio engineers and music producers can expect from this cool new workstation.

Avid just announced the new Pro Tools 11, and like all new versions, there’s a lot of like, as well as a bunch of “got ya’s.”

  • It’s newly coded from the ground up with a brand new audio engine, which means you’ll have to buy all your plugins again.
  • It’s 64 bit, which means that it’ll be able to access much more RAM. That means it will handle many, many more tracks, plugins and virtual instruments with ease so it’ll be a lot faster.
  • It now has offline bouncing that’s up to 150 times faster than the way it does it now. What took them so long? This has been on other DAWs for ages.
  • Much improved metering with more precise scaling and ballistics, including peak and average VU and PPM meters.
  • The inclusion of the Avid Video Engine so that you can play and edit video directly from within PT.
  • Low-latency input buffering, so you can more easily record while using plugins.

It doesn’t seem like a lot that’s earth-shattering. It’s going to cost you though, and in a world of so many other quality DAWs, that could be a deciding factor.






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