Artist Interview: Henry Hall and New Dimension Talks Artistry and Music Ministry


TGS: Let’s talk about where it all began. When did you first realize your music ministry would progress into artistry?

Henry Hall: In 2001, I was the minister of music at my church where we were having some very genuine… powerful times in praise and worship. I had written several singles that we would sing and the congregation loved them! In 2005, I clearly felt hard-pressed to take what I was doing at this church, beyond the four walls. So after continuing to serve (as minister of music) and prepare, I did my first live recording in 2007. It was amazing! It was like a worship concert instead of a recording.

TGS: What differences do you see between music ministry and artistry?

Henry Hall: There are certainly differences between music ministry and artistry. Ministry is to serve whereas artistry entails more of your skill, talent and performance. Singing or ministering in church is different from singing to a large crowd of people from various backgrounds, cultures and musical tastes. I think the best situation is when you can have a balance of both ministry and artistry intertwined.

TGS: Talk about your role working in full time music ministry.

Henry Hall: First, let me say “I love my role as minister of music in my local church.” The interaction with the people who are loving, caring and appreciative is priceless. Also, having the opportunity to be a part of a community that’s like a close-knit family is important to my success as an artist. When I’m on the road people just want my gift and talent, at my church home, people want me; whether I hit all the right notes or not. It also gives me the opportunity to help the Pastor grow the people in worship, and it helps me to grow and become diverse as I strive to meet the musical tastes of one year olds to 99 year olds.

TGS: What are the biggest takeaways you’ve learned from being a new artist in the Gospel music industry?

Henry Hall: As a new artist, you get a lot of attention, meet new people and gain new experiences as you learn about different areas, cultures, churches and more. You get to see a bigger picture of just how music affects people across the country and in other countries. So, you pick up on things you would never have known about.

 TGS: To learn more about your ministry and artistry, how can everyone connect with you on social media?

Henry Hall: You can follow us on our Facebook page @henryhallnewdimension. For booking info contact Marty Gibbs Rebel Hill Music or

Our new Single “You Were There” is currently being added to radio and will be available for purchase on all digital retail outlets such as iTunes, Amazon and more January 2017