Artist Interview: Eddie James Talks New Single “Go Tell It On The Mountain” and Ministry

TGS: You have a new single out called Go Tell It On The Mountain. How did you come up with the name for the single?

Eddie: Well, I started the song with a traditional chorus of “Go Tell It On The Mountain” and then put my inspiration as a tag to that. For those who would hear the full length of the song, it starts out traditional and then goes into an arrangement that the Lord gave me… and so I thought it befitting to keep the original name of the song “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”

TGS: Share with us the meaning behind the song and what it means to you.

Eddie: Well to be transparent, I feel we say the phrase, “The Gospel of Jesus is the greatest story ever told.” But, I heard it said not long ago, that the Gospel of Jesus is the greatest story never told, and I concur. I believe that.

There’s even a song around the holiday season that I heard growing up, “Everybody ought to know…everybody ought to know…everybody ought to know who Jesus is” – and it’s so true. If we, as a people of faith, believe in Jesus as we say we do and believe the Bible to be true, then it is important that we go and tell it on the mountains – over the hills and everywhere – that Jesus Christ is born, because it’s the greatest news. It’s a news of victory, and it’s a news of freedom.

TGS: As a worship leader, I know that you travel extensively spreading the message. How has it impacted your journey and life so far?

Eddie: As a worship leader, I believe the ultimate call of every believer, is worship. As one who leads people into the presence of God, it’s really hard to put into language what that feels like. It’s a privilege. It demands our undivided attention and our ultimate focus.

In workshops, I talk a lot about the triumphant entry of Jesus. That’s when Jesus is riding a donkey, he’s coming into Jerusalem… people are throwing out their coats and there’s palms and their putting tree branches and palms on the ground and on the road there… and they’re saying Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Literally, as this donkey is carrying Jesus into Jerusalem, people are rejoicing. They’re shouting and lifting up high praise. It’s a picture of extravagant devotion. The donkey gets the privilege of carrying Jesus into that city and bringing people into the presence of Jesus. It would be unfortunate for the donkey to think of all of that praise is going to it. It’s Not. It’s going to the One who is being carried.

I think often times as worship leaders we forget that the praise does not go to us; it goes to the One who we’re carrying.

I believe that when we realize who we’re carrying, we would want to be vessels that are humble, pure and clean… so that our lives do not bring shame to him, but bring glory to Him.

TGS: Is there anything that you would like to share about the single, what you’re doing, or future events?

Eddie: Sure, a couple of things. For those who are celebrating the holiday season, the Christmas CD will be available here very shortly, not only on the radio but it’s already on iTunes and in stores.

People are already using the music for their Christmas productions and their plays, and some very huge congregations across the nation use the music on their projects to help introduce Jesus in a creative way to their community. I just encourage people to use the CD as a resource, if they will, to help give people a revelation of who Jesus is.

Coming soon, I’m so excited, we’re releasing a TV show called, “Shift”. I want to encourage people to tune in and to be looking for that. It’s already being released in various markets: Arizona, Georgia and other places. Local TV stations are picking it up, but national TV stations such as TBN, The Word Network, God TV, and TCT, web TV and Daystar, they’re all going to be airing our show.

What is significant about “Shift” is, we believe we weren’t called to blend into culture, but we were called to shift a culture. We have a rescue program where there’s about 90 young people who have been rescued from the streets. We have 8 homes in 3 different states that we’ve rescued high school and college aged youth who have come out of drug addiction, street life and gang activities.

We believe, if God can shift a person, He can shift a family. If He can shift a family, He can shift a community… a city, a state, or a nation. That is our heart, and we are praying for God to enable us to make a difference in this generation.

TGS: Tell us how we can connect with you on social media and the web.

Eddie: Our website is Our Facebook page is EddieJamesOfficial. We have a Twitter and Instagram account and encourage you to definitely log on, follow us to see what God is doing with us.