Artist Interview: Audrey Cher Talks New Music

TGS: Let’s start off with your single ‘Follow You’. How did you come up with the name for the single?

Audrey: The song talks about following Christ. It doesn’t really give a destination of a particular answer or resolution to a particular situation. Most songs follow a story line, kind of tells a story and paints a picture for the listener. So this song does not particularly do that. I wrote this song in a time in my life when I had a lot of questions and I didn’t have answers. I remember being at church in the front row. I was flat on my face during worship and God gave me the lyrics to this song. What resonated in my heart was wherever you lead me God, I’ll follow, whether I know the answers to my questions or not. The goal is to just follow you, because I know that by following you, everything will just work out alright.

TGS: Share with us some of the lyrics from the song.

Audrey: “Take me to a place in You, where your healing flows.” That’s a calming place. Healing from past wounds, healing from hurt, just complete healing and restoration. And the next part says “I want to commune with you.” Meaning… stay right there with the Lord and rest in Him – bathing in His presence. I would say that’s my favorite part of the song. And then it just goes on to say…”Where You lead me, where You lead me, I will follow.”

 TGS: How has it impacted your life and journey so far?

Audrey: I’m a strong believer that if your lyrics or song don’t encourage you, then what’s the purpose? I wrote the song almost 2 years ago, but even now I play the song. It just speaks to my spirit. With every test that I go through, and every test that I conquer, there’s another one. The song has touched me in a way, and I know without a doubt that it’s Jesus music (she laughs). And it’s gonna touch somebody else, because it’s really helped carry me through some tough situations.

 TGS: How would you describe the feel for this particular single?

Audrey:  I would definitely put it in the category of worship. The song was written with the purpose of taking the listener to a place where they can just relax. Just close their eyes and listen to the song, and let it do what it does.

I believe God is in the lyrics, God is in the melody… and it heals as you’re listening. So it kind of takes you on a journey of relaxation, quietness, and stillness. I would definitely expect the listener to feel just a little bit better; if not a whole lot better.

TGS: Talk a little bit about the musicianship and production on the single.

Audrey: It was a very wonderful experience. I have several producers on the album, but this particular song was produced by Sharay Reed from Chicago. He is a bassist. Musically, if you really listen closely, you can tell it’s from a bassist’s perspective. It’s just the way that the song kind of flows, like a neo soul, relaxation song. But Sharay brought something different out of me in the studio.

I gave him the song and it was good from the start. I said, “I need you to bring this out for me. Help me express what I am through this song.” And he took it… and wow! It was amazing what he did.

 TGS: I believe your husband is a musician as well.

Audrey: My husband Mark La Branche, he is the executive producer of the album, and he is a musician. He produced several of the songs on the album too. He helps guide me; he lets me do what I want to do in the studio though. [she laughs]. I kind of don’t have to follow so much structure with him. But yeah, he is a musician and we’ll be married 20 years this September and it’s been great ministering with him over the years.

One of the songs on the album entitled ‘Jesus Knows’ was written 20 years ago when we first met. To hear it now on the album is amazing. It’s like, wow…that was a journey. It doesn’t feel like 20 years. It does not all.

TGS: Is there anything else you would like to share with us about the album?

Audrey: The album is going to take you on a journey from a poet’s perspective. I wrote all of the songs except for one.

This album is different than the typical Gospel CD. I think that’s why I’ve been labeled as inspiration soul; because I don’t even think that’s a category, [she laughs] I’m not sure. But ah, inspiration soul, it’s just soulful, it’s relaxing, it’s musical, and it’s full of lyrics and passionate words toward God.

TGS: Is there anything else you would like to share with us… any upcoming events, dates?

Audrey: ‘Follow You’ will be released electronically in the month of May. My listening party is June 6, 2015, and I’m excited about that. It’s going to be in Hammond, Indiana at the Hammond Arts Center at 7:30pm, and I’m really excited about that. My tour dates are on so people can see when and where I will be performing.