A&R 101: Tracy Williamson – Artist Development

Thoughts From Tracy Williamson

  • Hey Artists! What “Song” are you singing and do consumers know you, the song or both?
  • It’s important to know that having a Hit Song does not always equate to a long lasting career. That’s why Artist Development is vital.
  • When selecting songs for your project, try not to rush the process and assume that EVERYONE will gravitate towards it.
  • If you are a Songwriter/Artist, it’s good to be open to other ideas, so you won’t be overwhelmed… being burnt out is not healthy.
  • For Artists/Songwriters, handle your business and Copyright your Songs! That one step can literally change EVERYTHING.
  • If you have not done so, please contact these Performance Rights Organizations: ASCAP, BMI or SESAC and learn how your song = royalties.
  • If the current Song Trend doesn’t fit your style, don’t force it; be authentic because that’s what consumers will remember.
  • Lastly when God gives you a Song to share, do just that and Trust that He will give you more. You never know what He has in store.




Tracy Y. Wiliamson served as Marketing, A&R and Label Director for Tyscot Records. She has also been featured on WGN TV’s People to People, TBN, The Word Network, MTV, Chicago Public Radio and in Ebony Magazine as one of the Top 30 Leaders of the Future.

As a songwriter and producer, Tracy has produced for DeAndre Patterson, The Rance Allen Group, Rodnie Bryant and Bishop Leonard Scott, and has written for Shirley Murdock, The Rance Allen Group, The Chicago Mass Choir, DeAndre Patterson and Rodnie Bryant.

In 2007, Tracy launched TRE7 Entertainment, a premier A&R, Marketing and Promotions Company. TRE7, specializes in developing and propelling Gospel music.  TRE7 also provides the essential tools for the driven and aspiring artist.  Tracy can also be seen monthly on Youtube encouraging the body to Walk into their Destiny.

For Press and More Info visit:

Website: www.tre7inc.com