A&R 101 Live Tips: Tracy Williamson – “Keeping It Real”

  • Artists, I spoke before on Keeping it Real with who you are, & it’s important because at some point the REAL You will come out.
  • By keeping it Real, we’re able to properly assess the right time to record & present new music.
  • Guess what? Unresolved situations in your personal life can come forth through your music. So Be Real with where you are.
  • If you know God, LISTEN to HIM & not those boosting your ego regarding your TRUE Talent. Keep it Real!
  • Being Real with yourself will save you Money, Time, time spent on Legal issues & help to eliminate emotional strain.
  • There will be many moments to share authentic music, let’s just make sure we’re in the right season to do so.
  • One thing for sure, if you choose not to Keep it Real, consumers will gladly let you know through real sales & $$.


“Don’t just be…Become”

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