A&R 101 Live Tip: “Understand Your Purpose In The Music Industry” – Tracy Williamson

  • Gospel Artists, as we enter the New Year, let’s take time to truly understand our “purpose” in the overall “Music Industry”.
  • We must understand that the Music Industry doesn’t have boundaries regarding behaviors, which is why we must work harder at delivering the message of Jesus Christ through our music.
  • Keep in mind that “Gospel Music” is a genre of the entire Music Industry. The industry was not created to “hold up” the message of Jesus, so YES, it will ALWAYS be a Battle!! So while creating New Music, let’s work daily on our Character, Integrity & Methods of delivering God’s Word through Music!
  • Keep pushing & creating & while promoting the music, let’s not forget whose “Name” we represent-THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

Have a great & productive week artists!

“Don’t just be…Become”  

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