A&R 101 Live Tip: “Building Your Career As An Artist” – Tracy Williamson

  • Music Quick Tip: Artists, just a reminder-building your career will take ALL of YOU! So do your best to not lose yourself in the process. BALANCE is a MUST!
  • Remember, your TEAM represents who YOU are & your music. They follow your vision.
  • Before you sign with a Record Label, be sure to share your vision in full detail with the label’s team, yes they also represent who YOU are! Don’t force any situation just to say you are signed to a label.
  • Building a Great Team takes time, wisdom & Yes Prayer!! Yes, that includes, musicians, singers, producers, managers, Labels, PRs, assistants & more.
  • Encourage your team to also learn Balance. The life of an artist can be overwhelming & being mentally, spiritually & emotionally healthy is a MUST!

Have a great & productive week artists!

“Don’t just be…Become”  

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