A&R 101 Live Tip: “Accountability Is A Must” – Tracy Williamson

  • Artists, who on your team, helps you to stay balanced? Accountability is a Must!
  • As artists, it’s very easy to get “caught up” in your own brand, press & hype. Without true Accountability, it’s very easy to “Slip & Fall” & not see why or how the fall took place.
  • Accountability also helps you to NOT say & do anything you feel during Press interviews & on Social Media. Having a “Hit Song” doesn’t mean “Hit” everyone with whatever you’re thinking all the time. #BeWise
  • Yes, Gospel Artists & Musicians, we need a Spiritual Covering/Church Home. Being on the road, in the studio, etc. brings about additional Challenges & Temptations & I’m sorry to tell you, but just singing & playing your own songs won’t be enough to stay “Focused” & “Keep your Mind.” #Accountability
  • Lastly, artists if you truly want to know if you’re saying or doing what’s appropriate for your music career, check the Word of God & see if it lines up. Proverbs is full of wisdom.


Have a great & productive week artists!

“Don’t just be…Become”  

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