4 Useful Tips For Aspiring Songwriters

Songwriting is an art form that takes time, energy and creativity. When all three parts are functioning well on all levels, songwriters can create lyrics that are powerful, enjoyable and listener-friendly.

To help songwriters be more focused and deliberate during the writing process, Easy-song-writing.com shared a broad list of four items that can be very useful. Read on to check out the tips, so you can better understand what it takes to write the hit song you’ve always wanted to write.

The following items represent a comprehensive listing of song characteristics. They may not apply to all forms of music. However, the majority will apply to aspiring Gospel/Christian artists and the type songs they write.

Feel free to download this list for future reference. You should check at least 80% of the notes to have a marketplace contender.

  • The first line or two should hook the listener into wanting to hear what comes next.
  • People will be able to hum the melody after hearing it a few times.
  • The lyric is conversational. No forced rhymes, no convoluted phrases or sentences.
  • Today, you do not need to have perfect (care, bear) type rhymes. Meaning is more important.