10 Top iPad Apps for Musicians

The iPad is currently one of the most innovative and trendy gadgets of today. It is a tool that is changing the way people watch their favorite movies, music videos, view photos, browse the internet, read books, play 3D games; and many other activities they wish to do – without the hassle of being confined to a single space.

Even for today’s musicians, the iPad has changed the way music is written, practiced, played and recorded. Because the iPad inspires creativity, musicians are choosing to use music software applications made for mobile and tablet devices in their live and home studio sessions. And there are some great ones, too. From stage performance apps, to apps for recording in the studio; musicians are finding satisfaction in getting their job done easier, and with even higher quality than ever before.

“Many of the music making apps are not only fun, but also powerful, flexible and, of course, very useful. Whether you want to create a complete track, play a virtual synth or control your desktop music software, there are countless options.” Here is a list of ten of the best music apps for the iPad as mentioned by Music Radar (www.musicradar.com).

  • GarageBand ($4.99) – Although it has similarities to the Mac version (and projects started on your tablet can be imported into it) GarageBand for iPad is very much its own app. There are Touch and Smart Instruments, an eight-track sequencer and a decent selection of guitar amps and stompboxes. Plug in a controller keyboard and you’ve got a powerful, fun and portable song sketching solution.


  • Tachyon ($1.99) – Do you want to play an electric guitar and a piano at the same time? What about choosing the electrifying buzz of a drill and blending it into the soothing tone of a human voice? Tachyon gives you all these options.


  • iVoxel ($9.99) – iVoxel is not only an amazingly sounding vocoder – the unique concept of iVoxel turns this vocoder into a singing machine. iVoxel is a combination of a voice optimized synthesizer and a vocoder. Its ability to rearrange and mangle vocal lines makes iVoxel a surprisingly powerful iOS tool, capable of some very cool and unique effects.


  • MorphWiz ($9.99) – Notes in a scale are laid out across the screen as vertical lines, and you can morph from one timbre to another by dragging vertically along a note. The built-in synth is refreshingly direct, and you can record your performances.


  • SpaceWiz $9.99) – Immerse yourself in the wonders of a visual/audio experience like no other! Take the role of viewer AND creator in a galaxy where you reign. Features include: AudioCopy, recording to WAV file format, and a recordings Browser.


  • 4Pockets Meteor ($19.99) – A multitrack recorder for iPad offering up to 12 audio tracks and featuring a built-in mixer. All the basic trimmings you’d expect are included, such as a sample editor, simple automation and effects. The effects are very good, including reverb, stereo delay, chorus/flange, tone boost, compression, distortion and EQ.


  • Korg iMS-20 ($29.99) – If you’re a fan of classic synth hardware, this is for you. Korg has not only virtualized its legendary MS-20 analogue synth, it’s coupled it with a recreation of the accompanying SQ-10 16-step sequencer, and then taken things another step further with a six-part drum machine, seven-channel mixer and built-in effects processing. All of which leaves you with a terrific self-contained music-making app that will keep you engrossed for hours.


  • Yonac Magellan ($14.99) – An iPad synth that feels like a performance instrument, thanks in no small part to the expressive Touchpad playing surfaces, which can be used instead of the two traditional keyboards; but the various playback modifiers (arp, step sequencer, etc) make it easy for anyone to build complex parts with ease.


  • SampleWiz ($9.99) – A fun, slick and easy-to-use sampler. It provides a selection of presets; but the fun really begins when you start capturing your own sounds. Sampling comes in three flavors: Classic, where the speed is altered as you play up and down the keys; Granular, with control over grain size and speed; and Modern, which allows you to change the pitch without affecting the speed of sample playback.


  • Impaktor – An iOS beat machine that converts your finger drumming into highly usable synthesised drum sounds. It’s no novelty item though, as it’s powered by an impressive and flexible synth engine. It’s packed with features, and in use we found it to be one of the most innovative and genuinely useful percussion tools on the App Store.

(All reviews are courtesy of: www.musicradar.com)