10 Tips To Enhance Your Band Presence On Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social tools for bands looking to promote their music. Plus, it’s free and easy to use! But there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to get maximum results from your band’s activity on Instagram. Read this article from DIY Musician, to learn the 10 best ways to enhance your presence on Instagram.

1. Sync Instagram to ALL your social profiles

This includes your band’s Facebook Page, not just your personal Facebook profile! But, before posting a picture, make sure you’ve selected the appropriate default Facebook page/profile for that particular image.

 2. Share images across all your social networks

Every fan will have their own preferences for engaging with your content. Some like Twitter. Some like Facebook. Some check your blog. Others wait for your weekly email newsletter. So unless you’re running some specific kind of campaign on one particular social platform, then it’s wise to share your Instagram images everywhere — your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, Tumblr, etc.

3. Diversify your portfolio

Fans want to see it all: live shots, sound checks, late-night writing sessions, recording, putting up posters, pictures of new merchandise, shooting a video, eating lobster at a band meeting, etc.

4. Post a photo series

It’s fun to post a whole series of related photos over the course of a month or two, and it’ll keep your fans coming back for more.

5. Use #hashtags

Tag lots of your images with hashtags. This groups your photo together with related photos by other Instagram users (or with other photos you’ve taken with the same hashtag) under a single category. Instagram users can then find your photos based on their own interests.

6. Elevate the everyday

Not every moment of your musical life is going to be filled with high drama. There are plenty of little magical moments too. The mundane can be interesting if you frame it right. I guarantee it’ll seem exciting to your fans who are sitting all day in a cubicle.

7. Put your Instagram photos on your blog or website

You can use Instagram’s API or a third-party service to put your Instagram photo gallery on your own site.

8. Captions can make or break the image

A little context can go a long way — and can turn a bad picture into something hilarious, moving, or otherwise share-worthy. Try to be clear and brief.

9. Don’t overthink it

Instagram is supposed to be fun. Snap a picture, add a filter, and post it! Don’t spend 20 minutes setting up the perfect shot or fretting over the filter options. The more fun you have, the more it’ll show in your images.

10. Ask your fans to help

Get your fans to take Instagram pictures too. But don’t just ask them to take pictures of YOU. Make sure you’re including them. Have them take pictures of themselves at your concerts, holding your CD.